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    Welcome to SunnyBrook Cotons. We purchased our first Coton De Tulear in 1992. We were very fortunate to be involved with this  beautiful breed when they were first being introduced to the United States. Our first Coton was named Mia, and was a companion dog. She met all of our exceptions  and more. She was fun,loving, and a great addition to our family. We owned and operated a grooming salon at the time, and all of our clients were amazed  by her. Within a year, we bought another Coton De Tulear and started our breeding program. We have been breeding the cotons for many years now and have fallen head over heels for the breed.

We Are Code of Ethic Breeders with the USACTC Parent club. I am the former President of the CTUSA
The Coton de Tulear Association of the U.S.A.. I am a Coton de Tulear breeder and a member and a former board member and Vice President  of the USACTC. United States of America Coton de Tulear Club) Our Coton de Tulear dogs and our Coton de Tulear puppies are registered with one or all of these registries. FCI, AKC, UKC (AKC foundation stock service right now, the Coton de Tulear breed will be fully recognized In Misc. class with AKC in July 2012) We show our Coton de Tulears, worldwide and all over the United States.
We are a Coton de Tulear Breeder with companion puppies for sale to pet homes, 
and Coton de Tulear show prospects to approved breeders. We have strict guidelines on show/breed prospects but are willing to work and mentor new enthusiasts with the well being of the Coton de Tulear first and foremost!

Prior to our Coton family, we have been involved with yellow labs showing. I have also had a love for horses my entire life. I was brought up with them, and have continued to this day. I have shown  horses and bred for many years. 

As I mentioned earlier, I have owned and operated two dog grooming salons.  I have been involved with dog rescue and a former animal control officer. I feel  animals need the love and protection from us, the ones they love and trust.

Here at Sunny Brook Cotons, we strive to breed healthy, happy,  and well socialized dogs. With each and every litter we are constantly doing  all we  can to insure the breed is being improved to the protect the breed standard. Our dogs are all health tested and come with a guarantee. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have about this wonderful breed, and available puppies.

For the latest news and updates, checkout our new blog, the link is on our home page. You can click  and go straight to it. We add a lot of updates, photos and other great information on the Coton de Tulears and coton puppies, Coton training and grooming issues for the coton dogs.

The Joys of being owned by a Cotton Dog!

I would like to share our joy and experiences with you as a breeder of the Coton de Tulear for many years. The  Magical Royal companion dog of Madagascar. The Coton de Tulear  is a small sturdy, companion dog. Buyer Beware................They are like a potato chip and you cannot have just one.. They are addicting..... Our Coton de Tulear dogs are first and foremost, our dogs! our lives and part of our family. Our Cotons sleep in our beds and go boating , to the beaches and live a happy full life. Our Coton de Tulear are raised under our feet. We are not a kennel. We breed Coton de Tulear pups to improve the breed standard of the Coton de Tulear  and to produce top quality Coton de Tulear puppies for sale.  We are very proud of our Coton de Tulear dogs and they are some of the top dogs  in the United States producing top companion dogs for approved homes. I am a former animal control officer and placing our Coton de Tulear puppies in the best homes is our goal. When looking for Coton de Tulear puppies for sale, you must  do your homework. When researching Coton de Tulear breeders, first you should check to make sure they are not just selling Coton de Tulear puppies for just profit. Dog fancy puts out a puppies magazine every year and it is on the shelf all year long. They usually have a great section on finding a reputable breeder. They give a guide line of questions to ask. Here are a few examples.
How long have you been breeding Coton de Tulear dogs? Why are you a Coton de Tuelar breeder? What health tests do you perform on your adult coton de tuelar breeding dogs? Where do your Coton de tuelar dogs, and Coton de Tulear puppies live? Are they in your home? Are they socialized and how do you do this? At what age do you let your Coton de Tulear pups leave? Do you have a contract and a guarantee on your Coton de Tulear pups for sale? What Coton de Tulear clubs do you belong to? Do you show your Coton de Tulear dogs, Puppies? What type of dog food do you feed to your adult Coton dogs, and to your Coton de Tulear puppies? Do you have references from you past Coton de Tulear puppy buyers? Can I call your vet to check out your references with them? If you are a serious Coton de Tulear breeder with the best interest in the Coton de Tulear breed, you will have no problem answering these questions. It is not uncommon to be put on a waiting list with a reputable Coton de Tulear breeder. Most  Coton litters are planned and many small Coton de Tulear puppy breeders do not have Coton de Tulear pups just sitting around waiting for homes like some of the online puppy mills that you see with Coton de Tulear puppies lined up for sale by the tens and twenties.  When I have an inquiry on my coton de tulear puppies for sale, I am thrilled when the new clients ask questions and have done their homework. I do the same with them because I want to be sure that one of our coton de tulear puppies is going to only the best of homes. As a breeder of Cotons, it is very important that we have placed our coton puppies in the best homes.  There have been many changes I have seen over the years and a lot of new breeders have jumped into the Coton de Tulear breeder world. We are a small hobby breeder with the love for our dogs and the breed first above all!! We only breed Coton de Tulear. Our Coton de Tulear dogs are health tested and guaranteed........Our Coton  dogs are registered with FCI, AKC, and UKC. We have the best socialized, outgoing and confident, well rounded companion Coton de Tulear puppies for you and your family. We are very proud of how are Coton de Tulear  dogs are raised at the highest levels in all areas. Our Coton pups are born and raised in playpens right in our bedroom, so I can keep an eye on them at all times. We have Coton de Tulear  puppies available for sale to approved homes, and if you would like an application, just send us and email at sunnybrookcoton@comcast.net, or give us a call at 941-270-1018
I owned and operated two grooming salons in New Hampshire and share my knowledge of grooming the Coton de Tulear  and expertise of the Coton de Tulear  with you for the life of your Coton de Tulear  puppy. We are always here for you and your coton de tulear pup if help is needed in grooming, training or other areas with your coton de tulear puppy  and we have formed many long friendships over the years. References are always available of course for our Coton de Tulear puppies for sale. We love chatting about our Coton dogs  and puppies. We will not ship our puppies, please do not ask. We do offer a worldwide courier and she will hand deliver your new baby to the airport of your choice at a great price. Being a Coton de Tulear breeder has been a joy over the years and we love to share our stories and experience of the Coton de Tulear dogs and puppies. 

         Our dogs are first and foremost part of our family.
             email us at sunnybrookcoton@comcast.net